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March 16-17, 2018


FRI |6:00 PM SAT|9:30 PM


Arlington Memorial Baptist Church

Life can be exhausting, overwhelming and difficult. To make it worse, it often feels like everything we use to alleviate the pain we experience just makes things harder. The problem is, we keep trying the same things over and over again. The road of life is a hard road to walk.

The people of Israel were on the same road, and the prophet Jeremiah called out to them (almost 3000 years ago) with a message of the way for them to find true rest!

Jeremiah 6:16 states “Thus says the LORD: Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it, and find rest for your souls…”

 This year at Breakout ’18, we will be looking at the meaning of this verse and discovering THE GOOD WAY – a way that God has provided for us in order to find true rest for our souls.


The Breakout Conference is stacked with incredible speakers straight from Akron’s own churches and youth ministries.  Each speaker provides a unique perspective and style that is sure to challenge and engage.  Check out this year’s Main & Elective session speakers here, and scroll down to see this years Breakout Elective Sessions!

Craig Fullerton

Craig Fullerton

Main Session - Friday Night

Craig Fullerton is the Pastor To Students at Arlington Memorial Baptist Church in Akron. He has been involved in youth ministry for 25 yrs.
Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith

Main Session - Saturday Morning

Jerry Smith serves as Youth Pastor at St. Luke’s Ministries and Director of The Light Teen Center in Copley.
David Neidlinger

David Neidlinger

Breakout Session - 101

David Neidlinger is the Associate Pastor at West Hill Baptist Church in Akron, OH, and has been there for 12 years.
Angela Schneider & Cherish Wolf

Angela Schneider & Cherish Wolf

Breakout Session - 103

Angela is the Director of Christian Education at Church of the Lakes, and Cherish serves in the youth and worship ministries at Akron Bible Church.
Cindy Preston

Cindy Preston

Breakout Session - 105

Cindy Preston serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry at Lakeside Christian Church.
Josh Miller

Josh Miller

Main Session - Saturday Night

Josh Miller is the Director of Discipleship for Birth through 8th Grade Students at Riverwood Chapel in Kent.
Brad Horner

Brad Horner

Breakout Session - 102

Brad Horner serves as the Youth Pastor at Lakeside Christian Church in Bath, OH.

Breakout Elective Sessions

A huge part of the Breakout experience is the Breakout Elective Sessions.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in these smaller group sessions to dig deeper into the theme of the weekend with local youth leaders and their peers.

Check out the Breakout 18 sessions now to plan for how you will spend your Saturday at Breakout!

–> 101 : EVANGELISM…DO I HAVE TO? // David Neidlinger
Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be one of the hardest things to do for many believers. Do I have to? This is a common question. Let me ask you this… if you have the best news in the world that someone could ever know, news that could save lives, why would you not want to share it?! Come join us as we discuss the topic of evangelism, share different tools for evangelism, and dig into Scripture! We should be excited to share about Jesus!

–> 102 :  REST // Brad Horner
Tired? Stressed out? Anxious? Worried? Busy? These are words we often use to describe our lives. Yet the Christians life is to be so much more. When Jesus called us to follow Him on the Good Way, He promised that we would find rest for our souls. This session will look at the biblical teachings on rest and challenge us to incorporate rest into our all too hectic schedules.

–> 103 : CROSSROADS // Angela Schneider & Cherish Wolf
On our journey of faith we will encounter many temptations that will lead us off “the ancient path”. In this elective we will be discussing the temptations we face and through God’s word discover how we can resist temptation and choose “the good way”.

–> 104 :  __________ // ______

–> 105 : THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED // Cindy Preston
In a world that seems to have no absolute truths and so many available choices trying to get our attention, we will explore three questions. Why choose God’s road? How do we choose God’s road? What if we don’t choose God’s road?


FRIDAY Programs
6:00 PM Doors Open
7:00 PM General Session #1
8:45 PM Food Break (provided)
9:30 PM Improv Show
10:30 PM Dismiss
8:30 AM Doors Open
9:00 AM General Session #2
11:00 AM Breakout Session #1
12:00 PM Lunch Break (not provided)
2:00 PM Breakout Session #2
3:00 PM Large Group Activity
4:30 PM Breakout Session #3
5:40 PM Dinner (provided)
7:00 PM  General Session #3
9:30 PM  Dismiss

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Jesus did beautiful things this weekend at @breakoutakron.  Thankful for the amount of lives that were changed. #Godisgood
@BreakoutAkron was awesome this past weekend!!! Such a powerful set of breakouts & sessions many teens touched by the Holy Spirit!!!
@BrianBsthomps, Youth Leader

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